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ATV Operation in Washington State

This page was created as a resource for Washington State residents. 

Non-residents; CLICK HERE 

Parking Pass Information; CLICK HERE 

Riding in Washington State

If you are a Washington state resident and want to ride on public lands, your ATV must be licensed and display a metal tag. The metal tag will have tabs indicating whether the vehicle is licensed for off-road use, or off-road and on-road use. The "off-road and on-road use" tab will allow you to ride your wheeled all-terrain vehicle on certain roads.

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Riding in Oregon

If your ATV is registered in Washington State and you plan to ride in Oregon, note that all non-residents are required to take the online ATV safety education course and carry an ATV Safety Education Card.


You will not have to register your ATV with Oregon if your ATV is registered in Washington State due to Oregon's reciprocity for Out-of-State Permits. Oregon recognizes other state’s plates or ATV Permits in lieu of the Oregon ATV Permit when operating off-road.

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Riding in Idaho

If your ATV is registered in Washington State and you plan to ride in Idaho, you'll be happy to note that you have the same use privileges and responsibilities as a resident of Idaho with a properly registered vehicle. Nonresidents are not required to register in Idaho unless they have operated within the state for more than 30 days.

To operate an OHV legally in Idaho, nonresidents must have:

  • A valid OHV registration from their state of residency or…

  • A valid Idaho OHV registration sticker or…

  • An Idaho restricted vehicle license plate with a valid IDPR OHV certificate of number sticker if they don’t have a plate from their state of residency and wish to operate on Idaho’s local jurisdiction roads (i.e. county roads).


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Parking Passes

Purchasing a parking pass is an expense that is here to stay. If you are going to ride an ATV in Washington State on public lands, you will need one of two (or both) parking passes, a Discover Pass or a Northwest Forest Pass, depending on where you ride. Both passes are offered as either an annual pass, or a day pass. 

Discover Pass for Washington State Managed Lands

This includes all Washington Department of Natural Resource lands (DNR) state forests such as Capitol Forest, Tahuya, etc.  The Discover Pass is also good for Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife lands (state wildlife areas) such as the LT Murray, Wenas, etc. 

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Northwest Forest Pass for Federal Recreation Sites

This includes the National Forest areas such as Hawkins Mountain, Manastash Ridge, etc., and BLM Lands. Northwest Forest passes are valid in Oregon and Washington, and can be purchased as an annual pass, or a day pass. Northwest Forest Passes can be purchased online or a local retailers. 


Note that if you have an America the Beautiful Interagency Annual Pass, you do not need to purchase a Northwest Forest Pass.  The America the Beautiful Interagency Annual Passes are accepted to all Forest Service, National Park and other federal sites.

Links to Reference; 

  • Region 6 National Forest Recreation Passes and Permits; CLICK HERE 

  • Annual Northwest Forest Pass; CLICK HERE 

  • Day and EPass Northwest Forest Pass; CLICK HERE 

  • Locate a Retailer; CLICK HERE 

  • America the Beautiful Interagency Annual Pass; CLICK HERE 

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